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Aria collaboration

Leaving traditional  hosted voice speechless!

Built on Cisco voice technology

Unparalleled benefits of an on-premise system and a cloud-hosted model.


We ENABLE your business to run efficiently 

Cloud hosted and hybird voice

Cloud, Hosted and Hybrid

Hosted Voice technology features infrastructure that is hosted in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid combination of both.

cloud solutions
PROFILE OPTIONS you will love

Your needs your options

The innovative Hosted Collaboration Solution provides unparalleled features and high availability. 

Redundancy Solutions

From Startup To Enterprise

We integrate voice, video, web-conferencing, unified messaging and mobility in a simple per user subscription.

Turnkey Solutions

TURNKEY Solution

Mobile Ready


Best Quality Market Leader

BEST Quality


Hosted Voice & Collaboration

Voice is vital to your business. Aria is your voice; a full-featured, geographically redundant, no maintenance collaboration platform that combines the benefits of an on premise Cisco system and a cloud-hosted model. A leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, Aria is seamlessly-designed and expert-engineered upon Cisco collaboration technology.

Hosted voice technology features infrastructure that is hosted in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid combination of both. By hosting infrastructure in the cloud, customers reduce their capital expenses and onsite infrastructure investment while streamlining the implementation process of the system. Aria is the only hosted collaboration product flexible enough to work for businesses of any size AND provide an unparalleled range of features that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Aria features a robust, geographically redundant system that fails over to two unique data center locations, preventing business interruption in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Unparalleled Features

WHY Aria

Built upon Cisco voice technology, Aria offers a full range of features unknown to other hosted models, including, but not limited to:

High Definition Voice
Geographic Redundancy
WebEx Meetings/Video Integration
Instant Messaging/Presence
Smartphone Integration
Microsoft Office 365 Compatible

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-implement hosted phone system that will reduce your up-front IT investment, Aria is perfect for your organization. 

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Aria Hosted Delivery Model

Client Services.
Aria hosted voice easily tailors to your organization’s collaboration needs. From ease of use and customized white-glove services to comprehensive ongoing support, our expert engineers have your back.

Don't fall of the grid.
What is the value of your business? Call continuity and system redundancy are key when evaluating your voice system. Aria offers three connectivity options based on the level of service connection your business requires. From Budget-Conscious to the most comprehensive Mission Critical connection, Aria tailors to your needs and means to ensure business continuity and mitigate a potential service outage.

Offers connectivity over existing internet connections. Aria takes advantage of multiple ISPs from a single location to achieve service failover.

Client Services.
aria operates over a dedicated circuit with guaranteed quality of service and can failover to any other existing internet connections.

Mission Critical
In addition to a dedicated circuit and any existing internet connections, Aria provides a local failover node which can process calls directly to the PSTN.

Options you will love

Your needs your options

Aria offers three tiers - Basic, Standard and Premium. Ranging from the most basic to the most comprehensive and advanced Collaboration technology, we tune the profile to your workforce needs. Enhance your selection with supplementary features that drive your business forward. 

Aria Basic saves you money

Aria Basic

Delivers standard dial tone, common area or courtesy phones. Aria basic covers the most fundamental of voice and collaboration needs: Direct dials, Conferencing and HD internal voice. 

Aria Standard cloud features

Aria Standard

Provides middle of the road features for your average user.

Aria Premium All devices executive level

Aria Premium

Encompasses executive level comprehensive features for the advanced user

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IT Support

World Class Support

As our client you’ll be introduced to your personal Project Manager who will take care of your project needs.

Expert Phone and Voice Engineers

Expert Voice Engineers

We have the experience and the team of professionals to make your project a success.

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Free Consultation

Our team of engineers from our partner network can help with a *free Consultation to accommodate your specific needs

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Experienced IT Experts

We have the experience and the team of professionals to make your project a success. Let us know how we can help.

Client Success Stories

What our clients are saying

Having gone through Hurricane Sandy in NYC we needed a solution to secure our business. Aria came through with an excellent offering. The full redundancy and business continuity that the architecture and design engineering gives us the level of service and dependability we need.

Testimonial Quote
Client Testimonial
Al Spahn,
Solomon Page

Aria is exactly what you would expect from experts and technology nerds.  

Testimonial Quote
Client Testimonial
Sergiy Ovsyannyk,
Balyasny Asset Management

The new Aria phone system has been a beaming success and a relief to implement. We are now able to focus on other projects, propelling us into a shiny, new and exciting future.

Testimonial Quote
Client Testimonial
Jonathan Ward-Brown,

They provided the man power and technical skills to find the root of the problem and address the issue. They developed a plan to prevent the problem in the future and minimize downtime.

Success Story Quotes
Client Testimonial
William Bifulco,
South Hampton Hospital

It is an outstanding piece of work that has resolved so many weaknesses and issues for us.  Everything can now be managed and supported and we now have a much faster system. 

Success Story Quotes
Client Testimonial
Aria Client

Leveraging a hosted solution based on Cisco Collaboration technology delivers the architecture and features that a PBX system can't. Our initial engagement was the deployment of a standalone SX20 telepresence unit in our NJ offices. After seeing  the proven ability to deliver and support the solution, we are on track for the deployment of similar units in our New York,  Mexico and Brazil locations. 

Success Story Quotes
Client Testimonial
High-end Men's Clothing Company
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