Case Study: The Borough of Glen Rock

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Case Study: The Borough of Glen Rock

The Borough of Glen Rock is a local government municipality located in New Jersey State. They handle municipal administrative work such as government administration, taxes, public works and recreation. They also work closely with the police department, fire department, and local libraries.

The Problem: Outdated Phone System

The main building, where both the police department and administrative department are located, previously used an outdated Cisco phone system and building infrastructure.

“We had an on-premise Cisco phone system that we purchased about 8 years ago and we never upgraded the software in the system. The nature of our budget makes it hard to allocate money to these types of things, so as long as something is working, maintenance is the last thing on our list of priorities.”
- Leonora Benjamin, Borough Administrator.

However, in 2015, The Borough of Glen Rock faced the hard decision of finding a cost-effective solution for their phone system. Running a full maintenance of the existing system and considering the expense of new hardware and software, the team decided to find a cloud-based phone system.

The Solution: Aria Hosted

“We wanted a cloud-based phone system that could guarantee high quality of voice and the ability to use some of our legacy technology like our older Cisco phones. The up-front investment needed to be inexpensive for us to consider transitioning to a new system. That’s how we met Aria."
"After our IT team did an analysis of all the available hosted voice solutions on the market, we chose Aria because it was the only one that provided us a full engineering team to support the implementation of the solution and the ability to make some of our existing technology compatible with the new system.”

Aria Hosted provided The Borough of Glen Rock with a plan for 30 standard users and currently covers communication systems for their police department and administrative offices, including municipal court. During the implementation stage, the existing aged infrastructure of the building presented a challenge. However, the Aria Hosted team of engineers were able to address those challenges in a timely manner to deliver an optimized solution.

“Our experience with Aria Hosted has been outstanding."
"Initially, it was a challenge trying to figure out some of the technical infrastructure issues needed to deploy the system, but at the end of the day, their engineering team made it work to the point where we are completely satisfied with Aria. Everybody on the Aria team was very understanding of our specific needs and urgency, so they were always very responsive.”

What’s next?

Given the quality of voice, as well as cost savings, The Borough of Glen Rock currently works with Aria Hosted to implement the same solutions to their Fire Department, Department of Public Works, and the Recycling Center. The objective is to have all of the municipal departments under the same platform for communication consistency purposes.

Written by:
Angelica Garcia

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