Case Study: Dstillery

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Case Study: Dstillery

Dstillery is an internet marketing company that
empowers businesses to make the most effective
marketing decisions. With the use of big data, Dstillery
develops algorithms that allow marketers to find the
best value for their advertising budget.

Amit Gupta, VP of Infrastructure, describes Dstillery
as “not traditional,” rather, “a very progressive
and forward-looking company.” Therefore, it made
sense for them to have the latest communications
technologies to support their progressive vision.

The Problem: A Poor Phone System with No Vendor Support

Dstillery had not choice but to call their previous vendor for
an upgrade, only to encounter a lack of support and exhausting
wait times. Managing their phone system had become
a painful and time-consuming task.

Making matters worse, as soon as the old VoIP
system was implemented, customer
support from their vendor was hardly existent.
With no serious commitment to customer satisfaction,
their old vendor had left Dstillery in the dark.

Any type of phone downtime affects team productivity.

Since  Dstillery  was  unable  to  properly  communicate  with  clients,  many  employees  turned  to  alternative  methods  of  communications,  which  added  another  layer of difficulty for Dstillery’s IT department.

“I  believe  in  partnerships,  not  in  transactions. In  Aria  we  found  a partnership and a  team  of  experts  who  were  willing  to  serve  our  phone system  needs.”
- Amit Gupta, VP of Infrastructure

The Solution: Dstillery Meets Aria Hosted

Dstillery  needed  a  phone  system  with  the  best  feature-to-feature  benefit  ratio.  More  importantly,  they needed  a  responsive  provider  who  would  focus  their  attention  on  Dstillery’s  business  goals  and  handle issues in a timely fashion.

The  search  was  over  when  Dstillery  met  Aria.

With  a  team  of  experts  committed  to  finding  the  perfect solution for Dstillery’s unique needs, Aria showed the willingness to become a reliable communications partner.

“The  team  brought  us  to  Cisco’s  Customer  Briefing Center, which was a great experience because we saw all the benefits Unified Communications could bring to our business.”

Aria  Hosted  built  Dstillery  a  custom  hosted  phone  solution using two different profiles of Aria Hosted for over 100 users, fulfilling their specific needs.

Dstillery and Aria Hosted

“We’ve been with Aria for a year now and added an additional 50 users, which was an easy job to do because it's truly a plug-and-go system.”
“We consider our partner, rather than just our vendor. Aria’s team can easily be reached and are always willing to help, and that’s what we look for in a partner.”

Today,  Aria  provides  HD  voice  quality  to  all  of  Dstillery’s  calls  and  enhances  their  collaboration  and  productivity  with  Cisco  communications  products  and  integrations.

“With the tools Aria gives us, such as Cisco Call Manager,  managing  the  system  is  extremely easy  to  do. We  don’t  even  need  to  contact  Aria’s  customer  support.  But  if  we  need  them,  they're  very  quick to respond.”

Aria Hosted also allows Dstillery to leverage technology already in place, like Cisco IP Phones. Previously, these  phones  were  only  used  simply to  make  calls,  but  now  with Aria Hosted, users have advanced features and the ability to integrate with Cisco collaboration tools, such as instant messaging  with  Webex Teams and  video  conferencing  with  Webex Meetings. Dstillery  also  uses  Aria  Hosted  soft phones,  which  provide  great  user  experience,  allowing  employees  to  reach  coworkers  with  just  one  click. These additional features drastically  increase productivity and team collaboration.

Written by:
Angelica Garcia

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