Cisco Webex Teams: What You Need To Know

Monday, April 30, 2018
Cisco Webex Teams: What You Need To Know

Cisco Webex Teams is the new Spark

At Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, Cisco delivered a series of announcements regarding the convergence of the Cisco Webex and Spark platforms. Here are some of the main highlights you'll want to know:

New Webex Teams Application

Taking effect as of June 2018, Cisco Spark will be re-branded as Webex Teams. Webex Teams is an application for continuous teamwork with video meetings, messaging, file sharing and white boarding. For users already on Cisco Spark, expect an automatic update to Webex Teams as soon as it's ready.

New Webex Meetings

Spark meetings are now Webex Meetings and come with features like: Roster, meeting controls, connectivity, and more.

All the features you enjoyed from Webex and Spark are coming together to deliver an optimized user experience. Join from anywhere, automatically pair with a Cisco video devices for meeting controls and screen sharing, and seamlessly switch devices when needed. You can also keep the conversation going after the meeting with chat tools, project spaces, file sharing, and easy meeting scheduling from the Teams app or your business calendar—even on your mobile device.

Cisco Webex Board and Collaborative White Boarding

Cisco Spark Board is now Cisco Webex Board. Tying the whole ecosystem together, Cisco Webex Board brings the intuitive nature of whiteboarding to your Cisco Webex Team applications. Users can co-edit from separate devices to make real-time changes to meeting whiteboard notes, diagrams, and sketches.

Cisco Webex Board

Secure Multi-Company Collaboration

Webex is the industry’s first Team Collaboration solution to deliver secure multi-company collaboration. All Webex Teams users reside in a single, shared cloud instance with just a single account per user (no guest accounts). Securely collaborate between businesses, both inside and outside of the company, from the same application. Company's can ensure employees aren't sharing confidential information outside of the company, and if they do, it will be detected and dealt with.

Improved Instant Messaging

Respond to time sensitive messages with secure messaging in Webex Teams. Send important information via direct and team messages, where they can be read and responded to right away or flagged for follow up later. With all your messages, files, records, being securely saved in the same space, it becomes easier to keep track of conversations and projects. And you can customize your notifications to only get alerts about messages that matter to you.

Webex AI Assistant

"Hello Webex, Call John Smith." Voice-controlled Webex Assistant will now aid your Webex meetings. Webex listens, learns, and performs commands to make your meetings easier and more intuitive. Check out the quick video below for a sneak peak.

Coming May 2018


Cisco Webex Share - Hardware Device.

There is a new plug-in device for any HD TV or monitor, turning them into wireless presentation screens via the Webex application. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Cisco Webex Share device allows you to expand huddle spaces and present on non-Cisco video endpoints. It also integrates with enterprise calendars for visibility into future events and reservations, as well as data analytics for room and system usage details.

Simply walk into a room, pair with the system using the Webex app on your laptop, and immediately start sharing. When you’re done, keep the work moving in a secure Cisco Webex Teams space. This will definitely come in handy for business travelers and teams that need flexibility.

Limited orders start end of May 2018

Cisco Webex Share

Control Hub for Analytics and Troubleshooting.

The Cisco Spark management tool, Control Hub, provided some basic analytics for Cisco Spark and Webex customers used a different tool, the site admin. Now that the platforms are merged, the Control Hub will support customers using both Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. In addition, the analytics functions for Webex have taken a significant jump forward.

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