Case Study: Transfix: Vonage vs. Aria Hosted

Friday, July 8, 2016
Case Study: Transfix: Vonage vs. Aria Hosted

Transfix provides technology solutions and location-based brokerage to partner eco-systems of interstate owner-operators, small-to-mid-sized trucking carriers, and shippers.

Due to the nature of their industry, having a strong phone and communications platform altogether is vital to their business. Knowing this, Transfix chose to use a cloud hosted VoIP platform, but faced difficulties
with Vonage as their supplier.

The Vonage Issues

Transfix specializes in taking freight from customers and brokering them up to trucking
companies. This means that their call lines are very heavy, as teams constantly take and
receive phone calls from both sides of the industry. With Vonage, their service was always spotty,
making it nearly impossible to handle outbound calls or multiple calls at one time.

"For our business to work, trucking companies need to download our application into their system. When they call us and our phone is not working, how can they even trust us? That really hurts our business on a reliability stand point."

"We couldn’t do our job. We are brokers, if we can’t make calls in real-time there’s no business.”

– Samantha Lee, Operational Manager at Transfix.

Transfix meets Aria Hosted

In essence, a freight brokerage company needs a reliable hosted
phone system that will match their needs and expectations.

With the flexibility and easy management tools from Aria, Transfix built a phone system
that allowed them to have multiple inbound and outbound calls, zero
downtime, and all the support they needed from expert engineers.

“We wanted to have the best hosted voice system. Our CTO met Aria
through one of our partners and we quickly noticed the difference from
what we had before. The fact that Aria is built on Cisco technology from
back to end made it easy for us to trust the outcome."
Written by:
Angelica Garcia

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