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Frequently Asked Questions

Why cloud hosted?

Solely on-premise phone systems are a long-term investment that hold higher risk of losing service and require hefty overhead, depreciation, and maintenance costs.
With a cloud hosted system, Aria Hosted gives you access to everything from phones, data centers, security, to dial-tone through the cloud. All for a significantly lower subscription-based pricing. Learn More

What is geographic redundancy?

Geographic Redundancy means that we have multiple synced data centers in separate locations (Secaucus, NJ and Plano, TX) so that if one fails, there is another to take it's place. Meaning zero downtime. View Our Redundancy Packages

Can I mix and match Aria Profiles?

Yes! We understand that every business has different needs, which can require unique solutions. With a quick consultation, our experts can help you to design the best solution based on your budget and priorities. Get a Consultation

What phones are supported? Legacy phones?

Aria Hosted supports all Cisco phones, including older legacy models. Using smartphone integrations and applications, you can also stay connected to your office network through your personal mobile devices. Browse New Phones and Video Endpoints


With a quick consultation, our experts can help recommend or redesign a plan that is right for you. Get a Consultation

What about long distance rates?

Long distance rates change monthly by country. Get in touch with an Aria representative for the latest competitive rates.