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Today’s workplaces require a range of employee communication styles and spaces.

Aria Hosted offers Cisco unified communications solutions, like Cisco instant messaging and web conferencing tools, to allow your team to work more efficiently, deliver faster results, and just be more productive overall!
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Cisco Spark Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (IM)

Cisco Spark™ drives team productivity.

Instant Messaging by Cisco Spark™ gives teams a full-featured communication platform that integrates securely with your business network. Find the right people, see they're availability, and collaborate in more ways than you can imagine.

Some of the many communication features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Internal voice and video calling*
  • Create teams and project spaces for effortless collaboration
  • Share files and presentations with teammates in real-time
  • Collaborate from anywhere, on any device with the mobile app
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* External calling through Cisco Spark not available at this time.

Cisco Powered Meetings

Easy, reliable video meetings.

Getting a bunch of busy people together for a meeting can be a tough ordeal. Pull everyone together in your personal meeting room with a unique URL to save time and ensure attendance. See the same things at the same time and make decisions in real-time.

Some of many features:

  • Create personal meeting rooms
  • Present your screen or pass the ball to another presenter
  • Draw and edit documents together in real-time
  • Share files and chat publicly or privately
  • Stay in the loop with mobile application integration
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