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What is a cloud hosted phone system?

Cloud Hosted Phone System

A cloud hosted phone system replaces traditional landlines by providing and storing voice services through a secure server accessed through the internet.

Cloud hosted phone system providers own, configure, and manage their own data centers to ensure quality and security. These data centers allow customers to make calls through the internet from their phones, laptops, and smart devices. 

The majority of the hardware needed is also provided through one service provider, eliminating the need for expensive investments in hardware and engineering.

Why choose Aria Hosted?

Aria Hosted does all of this using Cisco technology, the worldwide leader in IT and networking. As a top Cisco reseller with a reliable team of certified engineers, we provide our customers the best services, support, and hardware on a simple subscription-based model. This includes benefits like:

Lower costs

Save significantly on phone services by only paying for what you need through our flexible subscription model. Phones and video endpoints can also be financed at prices way below market value, spreading out your payments into smaller easy installments.

Easy setup and management

Cloud hosted systems are easy to setup because they don't require wire rerouting or complex equipment. With a cloud provider, all the heavy lifting has already been done and you can be up and running in no time at all!

Aria's centralized management tool also makes it easy for businesses to make real-time changes to their phone system. Add or remove users, change permissions, and make adjustments with the click of button. Need support? Our US-based support team is available 24/7.

Ideal for all business sizes

From small start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises, cloud hosted phone services are ideal for all business sizes. Small businesses love low costs of subscription-based services with less liability, while big corporations love security and how easy it is to scale for growth.

Geographic redundancy

Solely on-premise systems can be extremely vulnerable in the event of system failures and natural disasters. Aria's dual synced data centers provide geographic redundancy, so if one data center fails, another is (failover), eliminating downtime and keeping your business running.

Mobility and flexibility

Another perk of cloud hosted phone systems is that your phone service isn't limited to the office. Smartphone integrations and applications keep you connected through personal mobile devices, giving your employees the flexibility to work from wherever they need to be.

Hybrid solutions

Want the best of both worlds? Hybrid solutions bring together on-premise and cloud hosted services for mission critical redundancy. If your internet goes down, you can still have phone service over Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) that runs on-premise.

Leaving traditional hosted voice speechless.

With all the features and capabilities of cloud hosted phone systems, it is no wonder why so many businesses are migrating to the cloud or implementing hybrid solutions. With a quick consultation, Aria Hosted can help get you started on your journey to the cloud.

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